Hand-printed books of poetry,
Plus tips and supplies for fellow letterpress printers.

Printing Tips

That's not all that's new to our website; we've started building a new area for printers, called Printing Tips. There are articles, beginners guides, suppliers lists and more.

The Composing Room Stores

Letterpress Supplies

We've added lots of new lines to the Composing Room Stores, the section of the our online shop dedicated to letterpress printing supplies. And we've still got all your favourites:

Fiona's Adana Five Three

The little Adana above is sporting our best seller, Swiss Style Packing. It's what we use to get the best possible impression and our customers love it too. For a small press it's £5.50 for a Bottom Blanket & Top Layer set, for larger presses it's £8.50.

Our Make Ready Tissue has proven very popular too, so we're introducing a couple more products that we use to make printing that little bit easier (and quicker!). Namely, these are self adhesive Lay Quads, and clever Rubber Side Sticks which mould around imperfect justification.

International Customers

Although you're welcome to buy our books of poetry, we do not accept international orders for items in the Composing Room Stores. Find out more.

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