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Or, Where Can I Find...

Launching the Composing Room Stores (our online letterpress supplies shop) has meant that many of the emails we now get are enquiries about things we can't supply. And while there's not always an easy answer, we think most of you will find what you're after here in our directory of specialist letterpress suppliers.

  • Advice & Organisations
    Organisations and websites that offer help, advice and sympathy!
  • Block Makers
    Nylon or metal, line or halftone blocks.
  • Ink & Hand Rollers
    The perfect inks for relief printing, plus transparent medium, driers, hand rollers and inking slabs.
  • Lino & Wood Cutting
    Quality lino and pre-cut wood blocks. And the tools you'll need for lino-cuts, wood-cuts, or wood engravings.
  • Museums
    Find museums and displays near you with our interactive map (we're very proud!).
  • Our Sorts Service
    Out of sorts? Borrow a few characters from us.
  • Paper & Book Binding
    Our favourite papers and some bookbinding suppliers.
Slab serif letterpress alphabet

These suppliers are recommended either because we use them ourselves, because our friends recommend them or, in some cases, because there's no alternative. We do not carry advertising. However, if you think your company or someone else's should be on the list, we're happy to receive suggestions.

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