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Block Makers

Nylon or Metal

If you are new to this area, you will definitely need advice from your supplier regarding the preparation — and suitability for blockmaking — of ‘artwork’ (i.e. the original you have to hand). The original you want to reproduce has to fall within certain limits for the supplied block to produce anything like a satisfactory result. This particularly applies to fine cross-hatching on drawings to become line blocks, and to the ‘contrast’ of photographs, intended to become half-tone blocks.

Since Mr Sparrow retired from block making (he may still have some film available – edward.sparrow@btconnect.com, we usually deal with the Block Shop, the only remaining large-scale blockmaking business that we know of, supplying the full range of nylon, and metal (zinc and magnesium at different prices) line and half-tone blocks. No longer in Manchester, see new address below:

The Block Shop
Photocast Products Ltd
78, Venture Point West
L24 9TB

Tel: 0151 486 2821


A smaller outfit offering nylons (polymer) is:

Peacock Blockmaking Ltd (Mr Guy)
6, William Street

Tel: 01442 872956

There are others, often involved mostly with making dies for gold foil blocking.

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