Hand-printed books of poetry,
Plus tips and supplies for fellow letterpress printers.

Polly Warren's Illustration for 'Attraction Water'

Letterpress Printed Poetry

Kevin Crossley-Holland's fine poetry features in our latest title, ‘Attraction Water’ with four lino-cuts by rising star Polly Warren, including the blue fish, right.

We're really rather proud of ‘Other Voices of the British Isles’ so forgive us our immodesty when we tell you it's special. With poetry in four dialects, nine languages (each with an English translation) and illustrations by five artists, it was quite an undertaking, but we think we did it justice!

‘What It Is’, with Erich Fried's original German and translation by Jane Wilde, is still available. It's our second collaboration with artist Olga Sienko who, you may remember, illustrated the long since sold out White Magic.

Books of Poetry

Letterpress Printing Supplies

Cornerstone Quoins

Kelsey Excelsior in Swiss Style Packing

Meanwhile, we're preparing the The Composing Room Stores for a big update. We'll be adding a bowler, a lead and rule cutter and a recently restored Adana. If you can't wait that long, please drop us an email to express your interest.

Thought mythical until recently, we finally captured a supply of Rubber Side Sticks last year. They've proved invaluable for beginners! Our new stock is even grippier than before so, if you haven't tried them yet, now's the time.

Swiss Style Packing continues to be our best seller and our Top Layer packing is now better than ever. We're in hot persuit of a new supplier of Bottom Blankets – we know how much you miss them – but while you're waiting for those to appear, why not try the new Tympan Manilla? Many thanks to Jacqui Sharples for this photo of her beautifully restored Kelsey modelling our packing.

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