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Other Voices of the British Isles

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1840 – 1940

A ‘New Garland’ Special Edition


Earlier this year, as part of our ongoing 40th anniversary celebrations, we embarked on our most ambitious project to date; ‘Other Voices of the British Isles’.

Exploring the long-standing diversity of the British Isles with a feast of poetry in translation, ‘Other Voices’… features many of the languages and dialects spoken here between 1840 and 1940. This collection is united by an underlying theme expressed on the title page,†‘and the sea to bind them’.

Languages & Dialects

Cornish,†Gaelic,†Guernsey,†Hebrew,†Irish,†Latin,†Lincolnshire,†Manx,†Northumbrian, Perthshire,†Romany,†Shetlandic and†Welsh.


Meg Bateman, George Borrow, Ray Chubb, Dennis O'Driscoll, Robert Carswell, Edward Faragher, A. C. Jacobs, Renée Jehan,†Niall MhicLeòid,†R. Morton Nance,†Daphne Phillips,†Katrina Porteous,†Walter Savage Landor,†Charles Stewart Calverly,†Lise Sinclaire,†William Soutar and Tennyson.


  • ‘Cradle Sang &†‘The Kirk-Yaird’†by William Soutar


  • ‘Inhed O Pæce (fur John James)’†by Lise Sinclair
  • ‘The Boat Haul’†lino-cut by Liz Myhill

Gaelic of Coigach, Wester Ross

  • ‘Iasgach A'Ghiomaich’†by Niall MhicLeòid – the Polbain Bard
  • ‘Fishing the Lobsters’, a translation by Meg Bateman


  • ‘Splicing Rope’ poem and illustration by Katrina Porteous


  • ‘from Vannin Veg Veen’ by Edward Faragher – Neddy Beg Hom Ruy
  • ‘from Dear Little Mannin’, a†translation by Robert Carswell – Robard y Charsalagh


  • ‘Winter’ by an anonymous poet of the 10th–12th†century
  • With translation by Dennis O'Driscoll


  • ‘For Richard Wilson R.A.’†Englyn on his tomb in Mold Churchyard, 1782
  • With translation by an anonymous gentleman of Mold


  • ‘Camo – Gillie’†&†‘Miro Romany Chi’†by George Borrow
  • ‘Love – Song‘ &†‘My Romany Lass’, translations by George Borrow


  • ‘Nereides’ by Charles Stewart Calverley
  • With†‘The Nereids’, a translation by Walter Savage Landor


  • ‘The Journey’†by Moses Ibn Ezra, with translation by A. C. Jacobs


  • from†‘Northern Farmer’ by Alfred, Lord Tennyson


  • ‘Hern’, a traditional poem transcribed by John Boson, with Unified spelling by R. Morton Nance
  • ‘Pilchards’, a translation by Ray Chubb, Bard Map Essa of the Gorsedd
  • With two-colour lino-cut by Trevor Sowden


  • ‘La Sécræsse’ by Renée Jehan
  • ‘Drought’, a translation by Daphne Phillips

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