Hand-printed books of poetry,
Plus tips and supplies for fellow letterpress printers.

Printing Tips
Chase and Woodletter

Printing Tips

It's been a while in the making, and there's still much to add, but the core ‘information for letterpress printers’ which we promised last year has finally arrived!

There are five main sections; four based on the emails enquiries that pour in, and one just for fun!

We hope you'll think it was worth the wait! If there's anything in particular you'd like us to add, do get in touch.


A Sort of Disclaimer

We've tried to avoid self promotion as much as possible in these sections (excluding the Product Guides, naturally!). Whilst there are links through to the Composing Room Stores on the left and at the foot of pages, we've aimed to make them discreet. Links are only included within the main text of pages if we think they'll be especially helpful.

Something else we want to make clear is that we're not in any special position of authority on the subject of letterpress, and everything here is aimed at hobby printers. It may not be how things were done or how you think they should be done; it's just how we do things.

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