Hand-printed books of poetry,
Plus tips and supplies for fellow letterpress printers.

Tips & Articles

We've got much more to add to our collection of letterpress related tips and articles over the coming months, but it's already quite broad in its range.

There's lots of practical stuff including a recipe for matting paste, scoring with brass rule and some lino-cutting tips which we think will be particularly helpful for those print-makers who've just got themselves a ‘proper’ press.

As well as excepts from John Southward's ‘Practical Printing’, there's a page devoted to William Blades fascinating ideas about decoding typographical errors in literature.

  • Lino-cutting Tips
    Choosing the right tools, cutting deeper for letterpress reproduction, softening and whitening your lino.
  • Matting Paste Recipe
    A bees wax matting paste for linseed-oil based inks.
  • Nipping Press Mystery
    What is a nipping press, where you can buy one, and the strange workings of Google page rank.
  • Shakespeare & Foul Cases
    William Blades' thoughts on the effect that 'foul cases' may have had on Shakespeare's works.

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