Hand-printed books of poetry,
Plus tips and supplies for fellow letterpress printers.

Johannes Gutenberg

Quizzes and Things

A place for the uncategorisable. And quizzes!


  • Beginners Quiz
    Letterpress beginner? Try this quiz to see how much you've learned.
  • Spacing Sums Quiz
    Practice the mathematics of spacing! How many points wide is an 18pt Thick?
  • Printing History Quiz
    A longer quiz with a broader appeal. Do you know your Vim from your Ajax?

And Things

Type Lice
  • Apron & Accessories
    A traditional green baize apron pattern, and other printers fashions.
  • Idioms
    Does feeling ‘Out of Sorts’ really originate from the composing room?
  • Elsewhere on the Web
    Blogs and videos from the UK letterpress community.
  • Type Lice (pictured)
    Pyroglyphidae Typographicus: detection and modern control methods.

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