Hand-printed books of poetry,
Plus tips and supplies for fellow letterpress printers.

Illustration by Gordon Bradshaw


All our books of poetry since 2001 are listed below. ‘Other Voices of the British Isles’ and ‘A Thorgill Year’ are currently in preparation. Visit our Online Poetry Shop to see which titles are still available.

The background image is a detail of Penny Berry's titlepiece for ‘Small Parcel of Bones’ and the black birds are from Gordon Bradshaw's illustration for February.

The ‘New Garland’ Series    

  1. ‘Blind Man's Buff’ by Edward Lowbury
  2. ‘Grace Notes’ by Karen Gershon
  3. ‘Hop Pickers' Holiday’ by Gerda Mayer
  4. ‘Shelley Plain’ by Robert Greacen
  5. ‘Out There in Rows’ by John Cotton
  6. ‘Where Do People Go’ by Bernard Kops
  7. ‘Stone and Other Poems’ by Fred Sedgwick
  8. ‘Fifty O'Clock’ by Dennis O'Driscoll
  9. ‘Starfall’ by Wes Magee
  10. ‘Catching the Ebb Tide’ by Rosemary Lynne Grant
  11. ‘A Place to Live’ by Vernon Scannell
  12. ‘Small Parcel of Bones’ by David Charleston
  13. ‘Other Voices of the British Isles, 1840 – 1940’
  14. ‘The Bone in Her Leg’ by John Mole
  15. ‘Attraction Water’ by Kevin Crossley-Holland
  16. ‘Le Tombeau de Porter’ by Alan brownjohn
  17. ‘Talking to the Weeds’ by Kit Wright
  18. ‘A Thorgill Year’ by Wes Magee

The ‘Dragon Poems in Translation’ Series    

  1. ‘November Forest’ by Anne Born
  2. ‘Girl, Dark Hued and Agile’ by Albert Rowe
  3. ‘February’ by Angela Livingstone
  4. ‘White Magic’ by Anita Debska
  5. ‘Wartime’ by Taner Baybars
  6. ‘What It Is’ by Jane Wilde

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