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Penny Berry's illustration from Starfall by Wes Magee


Wes Magee

Illustrated by Penny Berry

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‘Starfall: Winter Poems’ is a collection of sixteen new poems based on the theme of winter, many of which take their inspiration from the bleak North Yorkshire moors; a frosty setting fully evoked in the outstanding illustrations by Penny Berry.

Wes Magee's ‘Blackstaff Press Collection’ was a Poetry Society Recommendation and he is also well known as a writer for children.

The Christmas Travellers

‘ The frost was hard,
    the snowdrifts deep
when shepherds left their flock of sheep
    and glimpsed the child asleep, asleep.

A new star shone on three Wise Men.
    Each wore a cloak
and diadem.
    From far they came
to Bethlehem’

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