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Stella Tripp's line and lino illustration for Grace Notes by Karen Gershon

Grace Notes

Karen Gershon

Illustrated by Stella Tripp

Sold Out

Like Gerda Mayer, Karen Gershon came to England as a refugee from Nazi Europe. Her poems on the cruel fate of her people — and especially of her own family in Bielefeld — were published by Gollancz in the 1960s and '70s, when they received widespread acclaim.

The ‘New Garland’ collection is made up of previously unpublished poems. They come from a body of work which she prepared prior to her death, under the title of Notes of a Heart Patient.

‘With younger eyes I only saw
     the world as it affected me:
I looked at it for my own sake;
     old eyes are teaching me to look
with more humility and show
     the brute and brave reality’

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