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Blended lino-cut by Rosemary Lyne Grant

The New Garland Series

Limited Edition Poetry Collections

We began this series in 2001, with Edward Lowbury's ‘Blind Man's Buff’. While the quality of poetry has remained consistently high, the production values have gradually increased, with more illustration, heavier paper and superior binding.

Rosemary Grant recently took over from Shirley Toulson (who continues as editor of the Dragon Poems in Translation) as editor of this series. The lino-cut above is by Rosemary, whose self-illustrated title ‘Catching the Ebb Tide’ remains our fastest selling ‘New Garland’ title to date.

A few of the titles are unillustrated, such as the late Vernon Scannell's ‘A Place to Live’, which he felt should be unornamented but for the gently illuminated caps.

The ‘New Garland’ Series

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