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Shelley Plain by Robert Greacen

Shelley Plain

Robert Greacen

Sold Out

Born and brought up in Northern Ireland, Robert Greacen has always been concerned with the literature of his native land and, in 1995, was awarded the ‘Irish Times’ prize for poetry. His ‘New Garland’ collection, ‘Shelley Plain’, draws on a lifetime's involvement and encounter with poets and writers from both sides of the Irish sea.

‘Fred Urquart’
Wide windows clamour for the sky's embrace,
     Across the road the thud and flash of hoof.
We're watching equine grace and jockey skill
     In a large room alive with words, words, words,
Books gathered through a dedicated life.
     Fred speaks softly, in Edinburgh tones,
Then starts, with zest, another tale.
     I drink to Fred at eighty vital still.

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