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Letterpress quoins

Packs of 4


The stores are now closed - but if you're struggling to source something then please do get in touch and we'll try to help.

Cornerstone Standard

Temporarily Out of Stock

  • Pack of 4.
  • Each approx 4 x 12 em closed.
  • Branded Cornerstone.
  • Second hand but in good working order.
  • The most popular quoin size.
  • Skill level: All
  • UK delivery only.UK Delivery
Cornerstone quoins for letterpress

Narrow Margin

Out of Stock

  • Pack of 4.
  • Assorted manufacturers, but we always try to send them in matching sets.
  • Each approx 2 x 10.5 em, although the length varies between brands.
  • Second hand but in good working order.
  • Skill level: All
  • UK delivery only.UK Delivery
Narrow margin quoins for letterpress
Tip: More Quoins, Less Stress
In an average size forme you should use four quoins (not two) to reduce pressure on the chase. It's easier than you may think to split a cast iron chase and in some cases they're impossible to replace. Using four quoins also allows you to tweak the register. Find out more in our Quoins Guide.

Spare Parts

We may well be able to help if you're looking for spare parts, such as bolts (please enquire).

Quoin Keys

We don't have any quoin keys at the moment; try Caslon Ltd, DD Metal Products (who have an online shop), eBay or make your own (filing down allen keys is a popular method!). Note that the now rare Narrow Margin quoins need an even rarer key size, but they're our favourite kind of quoins and we think they're well worth the bother of making a key.

Antique Hempel Quoins

You might also be interested in our antique Hempel quoins on the Specials page. They're not a practical alternative to modern quoins, but they are intruiging objects none the less.

All sizes and weights are approximate.

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