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This guide relates to all quoins, including those available in our shop.

When using ‘modern’ wedge-lock style quoins such as those made by Hawthorn Baker Ltd., under their ‘Cornerstone’ trademark, and also late period rather similar quoins made by firms such as Cefmor-Brehmer, Notting, and also sold by others, e.g. Stephenson Blake & Co, one should remember that using ancient letterpress chases a problem can arise.

Letterpress Chase

It will be no surprise that a ‘modern’ quoin can crack a cast aluminium alloy chase, e.g. for an Adana 5" x 3" machine, but when ‘today’ meets the more distant past, e.g. mid-Victorian wrought iron and cast iron chases, then the risk should be borne in mind, and excessive lock-up pressures avoided.

A typical chase for a Squintani ‘Model’ platen 9" x 6" machine with the makers name cast in, is an example that springs to mind.

Steel chases, as for Adana 8" x 5", should be far safer.

If locking up in general is a problem, then our ‘rubber side sticks’ may prove helpful.

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