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Rubber Side Sticks

This guide relates to the Rubber Side Sticks available in our shop.

Making Use of Rubber Side Sticks

Use one on either side of the lines of setting, with the matt side toward the type, and the smooth side outwards. Then imposewith ordinary furniture, and lock up with quoins as normal. Test lift with caution.


On a bad day almost everyone's justification is a little less than perfect. In the days of the trade a comment used to be heard when poorly justified matter was encountered – with very ragged line endings – ‘you'll need rubber side sticks to lock up that lot!’

Looking at something I justified very badly not so long ago, I remembered the wisecrack, and was struck by the idea of trying just that...

So now we have available ‘Rubber Side Sticks’, in the usual height for wooden reglet and furniture (.750") in a thickness of about nine and a half point uncompressed, and supplied as a pack of four 36 em lengths. Longer lengths may be available on request.

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