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Symbol Sets

Maths Symbols & Paragraph Marks

Out of Stock

The stores are now closed - but if you're struggling to source something then please do get in touch and we'll try to help.

Two sets of useful signs to choose from: 10pt maths or 10pt paragraph marks (12pt is out of stock). Find out what's included below.

Sorry, all our symbols sets are currently out of stock.

10pt Maths 12pt Maths 10pt Paragraph
One quarter ¼   One quarter ¼   Asterisk *
Half ½   Half ½   Dagger
Three quarters ¾   Three quarters ¾   Double dagger
Plus +   Plus +   Section §
Minus   Minus   Parallel
Equals =   Equals =   Paragraph
Multiply ×   Multiply ×   Shilling stroke /
Divide ÷   Divide ÷   Em rule/dash
Percent %   Percent %      
Square Root   Degree °      
Minutes of Arc   Second of Arc      
Two Dot Leader            

The symbols are displayed here in a different type face, just for reference.

If there is any disparity between the name and the symbol shown, please be guided by the name. Some browsers may display the symbols incorrectly.

All sizes and weights are approximate.

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