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Printing for Pleasure

John Ryder

Temporarily Out of Stock

We've been recommending this book to beginners for 40 years and it's still probably the best book to set you off on the right tracks. It's an easy book to approach; quite short, without too much extraneous detail. It's especially relevent to Adana Quarto owners, as this was Ryder's press of choice and features heavily in the book.

  • In extremely good condition; this copy has never been read, and it shows. There's some light shelf wear to the top and bottom edges of the dust jacket, and a small price label in the back. Slightly discoloured with age.
  • 1977, The Bodley Head Ltd, Revised Edition, Hardcover, 144 pages
  • ISBN: 0370104439 (978-0370104430)
  • UK delivery only.UK Delivery
We've just sold the copy described above but we'll add another soon. Check back in a day or two, or email us.

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Publishing and Printing at Home by Lewis/Easson

Publishing and Printing at Home

Roy Lewis and John B. Easson

Temporarily Out of Stock

  • A dishevelled ex-library copy. The library stamps have been pasted over with plain paper, for some reason. The dust jacket is covered in sticky-back plastic, is well worn around the edges, and has a small scorch mark on the front cover. Pages clear and bright, although several have been scribbled on in blue biro (not enough to obscure text). Tight binding to see it through many more years of service.
  • 1984, David & Charles PLC, Hardcover, 192 pages
  • ISBN 0715385100 (978-0715385104)
  • UK delivery only.UK Delivery

This book will be of particular interest to anyone who wants to print books. Although some of it is out of date now, it still makes a good read. We've just sold the copy described above but we'll add another soon. Check back soon, or email us.

Find out about Roy Lewis's Keepsake Poems, or visit John Easson's museum.

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A Suite of Fluerons by John RyderFlowers and Flourishes

A Suite of Fleurons

John Ryder


  • First Edition: A Suite of Fluerons. The marble paper cover is foxed, with a couple of tiny brown marks on the back. The pages have remained very clear and the binding is excellent. Letterpress printed in two colours.
  • 1956, Tinlings of Liverpool, Hardcover (no DJ), 56 pages.
  • First Revised Edition: Flowers & Flourishes. Ex-library (with tickets and stamps). Some tears around the edges of the worn dust jacket. Pages are clear and bright. Small dark mark to top edges of pages (not visible on the pages as you're reading). Number pencilled on the last page. Includes the sample of Japanese handprinted decorative paper that many copies have lost.
  • 1976, The Bodley Head, Hardcover, 168 pages, ISBN 037011308X (978-0370113081)
  • UK delivery only.UK Delivery

Irresistable to any flueron fan. You'll almost certainly have some of these in your own collection.

A Suite of Fluerons was first published in 1956. John Ryder ‘watched over every detail of its production by Tinling's of Liverpool with the same care as his own smaller productions’. It's a little book, at 56 pages, and hand bound with marble paper.

It was renamed, heavily revised and expanded for the 1976 edition, with some passages and images from the original edition included.

Both rare and together even rarer, they make a fascinating pair and we thought it would be cruel to separate them.

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The Case For Legibility by John Ryder

The Case For Legibility, First Edition

John Ryder


  • Great condition, light shelf wear to edges of dust jacket. Some small gluey marks inside the front cover. Pages clear, binding tight. The dust jacket is a little lopsided (spine text is off centre) but this is the case with nearly all the books we've seen in this series! Large photo on the back of Mr Ryder looking moody and interesting.
  • ISBN 0370301587
  • 1979, The Bodley Head, Hardcover, 78 pages (First Edition)
  • UK delivery only.UK Delivery

An essay on typography and designing for print, by one of the great exponents of legibility! Plenty of plates.

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