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Letterpress borders

Borders & Fleurons

From £4.00

Our new range of borders includes a versatile ‘Creative Pack’ and some other newly cast treats, along with the usual second-hand bargains.

Sorry, all of the new borders are temporarily out of stock. You can order now but they won't be delivered until after Christmas.

None of the images on this page are to scale. Please be guided by the point size.

The shop is temporarily closed due to staff sickness - apologies for any inconvenience.
Letterpress Border 202

No 202
Six inches

Letterpress Border 203

No 203
Six inches

Letterpress Border 204

No 204
Six inches

Letterpress Border 205

No 205
Six inches

Letterpress Border 502

No 502
Four inches

Creative Pack

A collection of five designs that work together to produce almost infinite possibilities (serving suggestion above!). These are freshly cast and should give you a wonderfully crisp impression for many years to come.

  • Newly cast stock
  • All cast on a 12pt body
  • 28 inches in total (around 168 sorts)
  • UK delivery only.UK Delivery



Shiny New Fleurons Monotype Flower Number 465

Fleurons – Newly Cast

Printer's Flower 652

No 652
4 inches

Fleuron 652

This useful little printers' flower is ideal to separate paragraphs, as an unusual bullet point or between two brass rules. Because of its weight, it also works particularly well in pale or translucent colours that would be lost on anything finer.



Printers' Flower 219

No 219
6 inches

Letterpress fleuronsFleuron 219 In Use

Fleuron 219

An attractive fleuron that looks particularly good in groups of four or en masse for full impact. We also have some second hand 24pt 219 available in the bargains section below.



Bargain Borders & Fleurons

All these are second hand but in good condition. Images, as always, are not to scale so please be guided by the point size indicated.


Monotype Letterpress Border Number 42

No 42
Cast on a 10pt body.


Monotype Letterpress Border Number 117

No 117
Cast on a 6pt body.


Monotype Letterpress Border Number 166

No 166
Cast on a 12pt body.


Monotype Letterpress Border (flueron) Number 79

No 79
Cast on an 8pt body.


Monotype Letterpress Border Number 185

No 185
Cast on a 12pt body.


Monotype Letterpress Border Number 219

No 219
Cast on a 24pt body.

Borders and fluerons.

All sizes and weights are approximate.

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