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Lino Cutting, Wood Cutting & Engraving


Tools and Supplies

Lino and Lino-Cutting Tools

Lawrences are well known for their excellent lino and lino-cutting tools. They have Artist Quality Tools and even their Student Quality Tools are excellent. They can sharpen or regrind tools to suit you, for a fee. If offered pen-nip style tools, decline politely (see Lino Cutting Tips for more on that!).

Printmaking Tools


The lino-cutting tools can be used for woodcuts too, and there's a set of Japanese Woodcut Tools which look interesting. Their Basswood Woodcut Blocks are accurately cut to type height so they can be printed together with type or other blocks.

Bench Hooks & Hand Guards

Bench Hooks hold your lino still so you can keep your free hand safely away from slipping tools. You can make one yourself quite easily, if you don't mind a bit of DIY. If you like to turn the lino about as you work, try a hand guard instead.

You might want to subscribe to the Society of Wood Engravers, who should be helpful if you want to sell your work.

Wood Engraving

Lawrences is also the place to go for wood engraving tools. Their sharpening/shortening service (ring them for details on 0845 644 32 32) is perhaps most important for wood engravers, so cost it in when you're buying new tools.

Lawrences sell endgrain blocks or there's Chris Daunt's online shop. His website also has some very useful information about tools and storage.

Print Making

A couple of useful suppliers of tools and materials for other printmaking disciplines are Intaglio Printmaker and Cornelissen.

Modern Materials

Our knowledge of modern alternatives to lino and endgrain blocks is sorely lacking. Do you have any experience with these products? Are they pleasant to work with? Do they suit letterpress reproduction? We'd be grateful for your thoughts!

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