Hand-printed books of poetry,
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Paper & Bookbinding Suppliers

This isn't an exhaustive list, just a few highlights.

Tip: Chip Wrappers
Don't like wasting good paper? Ask your local chippy if you can buy a wodge of chip paper and guillotine them down to a useful size.

Gabrielle Falkiner's company has been incorporated with Shepherds. They sell fine papers and bookbinding materials. Other established bookbinding suppliers are Russels and Hewits.

John Purcell Papers have a large range of printmaking papers and we hear that Paper Resources have some good papers. Our main supplier is Tullis Russell. They don't deal with retail customers so contact them to find a stockist.

Pattern Papers

The Fine Press Book Association produce a small collection of pattern papers, which you can order by mail. Otherwise try Shepherds, Russels or Hewits

Marbled Paper

Anne Muir produced probably the finest marble papers in the world. She passed away in 2008 but her team carries on her work, producing marble papers to order. This is the real deal, so you won't be surprised to hear that a single sheet costs about £5.00.

Cockerell are another respected name:

The Society of Book Binders have lots of useful links, including a suppliers directory.

Cockerell Marbled Papers
94 Wimpole Road Barton
CB23 7AD

01223 262 430

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