Hand-printed books of poetry,
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Poetry book by Kevin Crossley-Holland

Forty Years of the Happy Dragons’ Press

We've just finished binding the latest title in our ‘New Garland’ poetry series, ‘Attraction Water’ by Kevin Crossley-Holland. Polly Warren's has provided illustrations for the book, including this lino-cut.

Other Voices Linocut

If you're looking for a special present, then our anniversary title might be just the ticket.

‘Other Voices…’ is a feast of poetry in translation, exploring the rich diversity of the British Isles through some of the dialects and languages spoken here between 1840 and 1940.

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Adana Five Three

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John Mole's Poetry Reading

John Mole Reads His PoemsDon't miss our video of John Mole reading some of the poems from his book ‘The Bone in Her Leg’ (pictured above).

The book sold out long ago, but the video has proved such a hit that we've decided to give it a permanent home on the website.

Find a Museum Near You

One of the new additions to our website is the interactive museums map, with links to find out more about each museum. Use 'em or lose 'em, as they say.

Got Something to Sell?

The always excellent British Letterpress have introduced trial letterpress classifieds to their website. There's no charge, and you can add ‘wanted’ items as well as ‘for sale’.

If you need help to work out exactly what it is you'll be selling, we recommend contacting your local branch of the British Printing Society for advice. The society's magazine, The Small Printer, has Small Ads too.